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Specializing in FIB cross sectioning, TEM sample preparation, imaging and analytical services.

Fast Turnaround. High Quality Data.


Tool down? More work than your analytical lab can support? Supplement your imaging and analytical capabilities or add capacity by sending your samples to us.

Fast. We deliver your data on-time, as promised. Your work is done in a matter of days without an expedite fee.


Dedicated. Our priority is delivering the highest quality data so you can get the answers about your processes, materials or structures. 


Innovative and knowledgeable. We apply creative thinking to unusual or challenging applications requests, and have the versatility to accept a variety of samples, from 300 mm wafers to materials samples and biological specimens.


We work with three DualBeam FIB instruments – including a system that accepts full 300mm wafers – and two TEMs, plus we can support specialized experiments with custom equipment design and engineering services.

Meet roadmaps, deadlines and process development challenges with our FIB, SEM and TEM services. Contact us to discuss how we can be part of your problem solving strategy.

Imaging, analysis and TEM sample prep without breaking your 300mm wafers

Send us your 300mm wafers and we will perform all imaging, analytical or sample preparation work without breaking the wafers. Semion’s FEI Expida DualBeam provides coverage of the entire 300mm surface, which allows us to perform the requested work and return your full wafer to you.

Extend the utility of your older TEM, SEM or FIB

Adding Semion's Barlow Microscopy Products to your older or analog instrument enables new capabilities without incurring the high cost of new instruments. Learn more

Analog TEM digital camera system
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