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About Semion


Semion LLC was founded in 2005 by Kevin Filter to augment the analytical capabilities of local semiconductor manufacturers by providing specialty FIB and TEM services with rapid turnaround. Since its founding, Semion LLC has expanded to provide FIB and SEM services to customers worldwide. Semion recently added an FEI Expida 1265 DualBeam to the lab and now offers imaging and analytical services for full coverage of 300mm wafers, allowing the wafers to remain intact. 


Overnight shipping of samples and digital image transfer make fast service a reality for customers throughout the United States. Webcam and video conferencing allow customers to interact with the person processing their sample while the work is taking place—just like being there. Semion takes pride in rapidly providing images and data to their customers, enabling them to meet their project timelines and commitments. 

Kevin Filter

After 17 years in the microscopy and semiconductor industry, Kevin founded Semion LLC in 2005 and has led his company through continuous and managed growth. Kevin received a B.Sc. from Oregon State University and has technical experience with many types of analytical instruments including dual beam FIB. Kevin also applies his fabrication and design skills to create products for microscopy applications. Creativity and productivity are keywords in Kevin's mantra. 

John Mitchell

John joined the team in 2011, after receiving his Physics degree from Portland State University. His microscopy experience includes work with dual beam FIB and our TEM systems featuring our own Barlow™ digital camera and custom software. John's experience with the PSU Machinists Club has enabled him to advance our custom fabrication and prototyping services at our in-house machine shop. John has also been instrumental in expanding our machine shop capabilities to include CAD modeling (Solidworks) and use of a CNC Vertical Mill.

Dan Lankow

Dan joined the Semion LLC team at the beginning of 2016. While a graduate student at Portland State University, he learned both operation and maintanence of single beam FIBs and SEMs.  As the newest member of the Semion team, he has further developed these skills through the maintanence and operation of our dual beam FIB systems.    

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