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Making Microscopy Easier – especially for owners of older TEM, SEM and FIB tools  

Semion's Barlow™ brand of products are helping microscopists extend the productive lifetime of their older instruments. Get the technology improvements that you thought were out of reach for your older microscope. We also offer engineering services to make custom parts or accessories that help make microscopy easier for you. 

Barlow CMOS 100 Digital Imaging System for Analog TEM


Owners of fully analog TEMs now have an economical choice for adding digital image acquisition to their microscope. 


The system includes a specially designed mount, digital SLR camera, image acquisition software and a Windows 8 touchscreen interface. Simply select the desired file format, adjust the image as needed and save. No proprietary file formats; images are ready to share immediately.

Barlow in situ Lift Out System for FIB


The Barlow in situ Lift Out system is a cost effective alternative for adding in situ lift out capabilities to your FEI or Philips instrument, or can be adapted to mount on other manufacturer's instruments. 


Your instrument will need an available GIS port so that the lift out system can be incorporated. 

Barlow STEM Imaging System 

Dual beam FIB systems are the ideal platform for producing STEM images.


Semion's STEM imaging system is a complete package that enables you to perform both STEM sample preparation and STEM imaging—at a very reasonable price. Bright field and dark field modes of operation allow your dual beam to produce images with remarkable contrast and resolution. 

The BatGrid Carbon TEM Grid  


Improve the purity of EDS signals in TEM with our unique BatGrid™ TEM grids. Composed entirely of carbon, these lift-out grids live in stealth mode because they do not generate background signals that occur with copper, silicon, or molybdenum lift-out grids. Be an EDS super hero with The BatGrid.

Replenished Ga LMI Sources 


Don’t throw away your depleted gallium LMI sources. Have them refilled. Replenished sources have performance like new for less than 1/3rd the price. And Semion will purchase your extra depleted LMIS. 

We refill sources for Zeiss/Orsay Physics, Seiko, and FEI LMIS.


Custom Sample Holders


Semion will produce a sample holder to your specification that allows you reliable and repeatable placement of your unique sample into your SEM, FIB or dual column microscope. Let us know your specific needs and we will design and build your holder.


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