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Contact us to discuss your SEM, TEM or FIB sample work needs

Semion LLC provides microscopy applications support (FIB, SEM, TEM, and EDS) at a general laboratory rate of $325/hour for work to be completed within 5 days. Expedited work is $650/hour.


For the purposes of estimating costs: a routine FIB cross section with SEM images is usually .5 to .75 hours. TEM prep and imaging usually requires 2 hours. Circuit edits are quoted individually.


Semion offers both dual beam FIB/SEM and TEM imaging and analytical services. Our lab is equipped to handle samples ranging from small parts or specimens to full 300 mm wafers, without breaking the wafers. The Semion equipment suite includes an FEI Expida 1265 DualBeam, which delivers full coverage of 300 mm wafers; two FEI XL 835 DualBeam systems; and two TEMs with operating ranges from 120 kV to 200 kV to allow us to accommodate a variety of material or biological specimens. 


The DualBeam systems are equipped with ion and electron beam deposition. Deposition materials include platinum, molybdenum, tungsten, silicon oxide, and carbon. An EDAX EDS system supports high resolution elemental analysis applications for both SEM surface imaging and SEM imaging of features revealed with FIB.


We handle custom parts and accessory engineering projects. Contact us to learn more about these capabilites.


Visitors are welcome. Call or email for an appointment, 


To make a job request please provide the following:

  • Dimensions of sample

  • Composition of sample

  • Specific location and dimensions of area to be analyzed

  • Type of analysis desired

Thanks! We will reply to you within two business days. If you need a response sooner, please feel free to call us at +1 503 332 9668.

Semion LLC values your privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy to learn more. 

Semion's lab features FEI and Philips instruments:

  • FEI Expida 1265 DualBeam FIB/SEM

  • (2) FEI XL 835 DualBeam FIB/SEM

  • Philips CM 120 Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Philips CM 200 Transmission Electron Microscope

Our machine shop services include custom design and engineering of parts and accessories for electron microscopy or other imaging and analytical techniques.

Call us or email:

Thank you for your message. We will reply to you within two business days. If your request is more urgent, please call us at +1 503 332 9668.

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